Monday, August 4, 2014

The return....Hartismere High School, Eye, Suffolk, England

Today we enjoyed our Brotish home sweet home. Mary bicycled through the country lanes and I walked and jogged as the wheat harvest began. We did our washing and hung it on the line to dry. I read in the garden and Mary wrote grad school apps. After lunch Janice led us on a five mile countryside walkabout.

In the evening we returned to Hartismere High School where I taught during my Fulbright Exchange, and to the village of Eye. Eye still has it's English charm. The part of the school where I'd taught is still there, but good administration and many grants have turned it from a comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds into an academy for students up to age 18. The new facilities are beautiful and the school now has twice the students. More housing has developed around Eye, and four wind turbines are in place. 

We also returned to a favorite pub, The Four Horse Shoes, which is in the village of Thornham. It serves really lovely food. Mary and I had sausage and mash, Peter had fish and chips with peas and Janice had a steak pie. I think the old tradition of kidney may have changed a bit. Good food, good conversation, and really a treat to dine in a public house that dates back to the 12th Century. A lovely day in several English villages. A local group was performing music in the pub too. That was a treat.

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