Thursday, August 14, 2014

Counting Sheep

Good morning North Yorkshire National Park. Our hotel the Mallyon Spout is in the National Park. It has the charm of our National Park Lodges at home, which means we love it. We began our walk today from the hotel and walked to the waterfall below known as the Mallyon Spout. We went along an old Railroad line to Beck Hole and then on to the steam train station at Grosmont. We rode this historic train back to Goathland where our hotel is located. The train and the station at Groathland particularly are often featured in historic films and television shows. Harry Potter fans will know it as Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter, and I know it as the train station of Darrowby in the series All Creatures Great and Small.  Most recently Goathland was the setting for a popular British police series called Heartbeat.

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