Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reunited! Part One

Helen Martin Peters took my job at W. F. west High School in 1984-1985 and I took hers at Hartismere High School. We each know the others friends and family, but it has taken us time to get to know one another over the years. What do we have in common? We both have sisters, were raised by single mothers, have one daughter each, our daughters both play the flute and the piano, both daughters recently graduated from college. To top it off our daughters both have their toes colored the same and so do Helen and I. 

Fun reunion day walking nearly ten miles along the Suffolk, England Coast from Walberswick to Southwold and back together with our daughters Rachel and Mary and our friend Janice who has made sure all of this reunion and reuniting of friends transpires.

Helen, her husband Phil, and Rachel hosted a barbecue for us in their garden tonight. The food was delicious,the company very special. Mary and I really appreciated it.

It was good to see Diana and Malcolm again, to meet Joan, Gerald and Gwen, and to have Peter join us for dinner too after a long hot day of gardening.

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