Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Day in Aldeburgh, England's Suffolk (county) Coast, August 3

Today we set off at 10:00 for a visit to the Village of Snape. At Snape Maltings (Maltings - for the processing of cereal grains into malt....malt for brewing) we had a nice walkabout through the artistic community. This was a special visit for musician Mary as this is where the 20th Century composer and Benjamin Britten lived and worked. He lived with his partner Peter Peers at Snape Maltings and composed many pieces for him, highlighting his tenor voice. We also enjoyed a Henry Moore modern art sculpture at Snape Maltings. 

We carried on to Aldeburgh onSuffolk's north Coast. We had a boot picnic of a cup of tea and a couple McVities Digestive biscuits while looking out at the North Sea. We walked down the promenade at Aldeburgh and stopped and each had a 99, but sadly they no longer cost 99 pence, they are 2 pounds 40 each. We enjoyed them in the sunshine and then enjoyed a walk to the next village of Thorpeness. 

We then walked back to Aldeburgh, stopping at The Scallop, a art piece commemorating the life and work of Britten. We carried on for afternoon tea at The Lion Hotel. We finished our walk through Aldeburgh very happy and then headed home to Bressingham in Norfolk. Great day! 

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  1. I didn't know Mary was musically inclined. Ice-cream looks good.