Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Ronnie Reeves and The City 8-20

Ron Reeves works in The City", the one square mile financial center and heartbeat of London. Ronnie and Shirley included Mary and I in their 31st wedding anniversary celebration - were we ever lucky! Shirley, Mary and I viewed the One Hundred Year Anniversary of World War I poppy memorial at the Tower of London, very powerful and moving. Ronnie and Shirley had donated two poppies for the exhibit that will be returned to them later. We waited for Ronnie to finish work at his office right next to the Tower and then all had a fabulous Asian Fusion meal at Wagamama's looking out at Tower Bridge. Shirley used chopsticks successfully for the first time, the food was great and Mary and I were treated to the meal and an evening beyond compare; filled with history, fun and laughter.

Shirley grew up in London and often spent Sunday afternoons with her friends walking the Embankment of the Thames, riding the a Tube and leaving one another at random stops and then trying to find one another later without cell phones! When they had money they had high tea at the Tower Hotel. She got her first job at an office in "The City" and Ronnie did too. We visited that building where their love story for their anniversary, and amazing for Mary and I to be guided around London at night by this great couple. Ronnie has worked in the heart of London and traveled the world as part of the global insurance industry ever since. He guided us along the Thames, highlighted historic monuments of old London and 2012 Olympics London, and told us what buildings were coming next. We visited Leadenhall Market and its street made famous in Harry Potter. Mary and I were sad to say goodbye to Ronnie and Shirley at the Monument Tube Stop. What an amazing day in a travel story like no other we have had. Our friends and adopted family in England, really showed us why exchanges and friendships are so valuable over a lifetime as they are renewed and grow.

What a special day with had in London with Ronnie and Shirley! 

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