Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friends, August 8

The best part of this adventure is that it is about people, old friends and new friends. It is quite amazing to stay in Janice and Peters country home, and to visit friends in their homes and gardens (back yards) for conversation, barbecues and English dinners.  It is a very special opportunity and experience for us,

New friends: Gwen and Gerald, Suffolk County Farmers. Their home is five hundred years old. Janice and Peter take a lot of short trips with Gwen and Gerald who are a lot of fun.

Longtime Friends and Annual Christmas Card Senders: Jean and Harold Halil. Harold remodeled their home and has recently retired from a career as a renovator and builder. His homes are fantastic, but my photo was blurred. Jean was the secretary at Hartismere High School when I was there. Yes, she kept everything ticking a long. I taught their daughters Claire and Laura. Laura is now a police woman and equestrian in Scotland. Claire is a teacher and mother of two teenagers. When I was in England I taught Domestic Science. Claire proudly prepared the family signature dish of Tarragon Chicken in class, and that is what Jean made tonight as part of our lovely meal, that was complete with three desserts. Mary and I could only manage two desserts, both wonderful. My favorite was the current and apple crumble with fresh cream. The fruit came from their garden. Jean and I exchange Christmas cards every year and I've always enjoyed following their house moving and their girls as they've grown to women.

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  1. How wonderful to make this trip! I am just catching up with your must be great to reconnect with all of these people.