Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Shirley Reeves and Kensington Palace 8-20 Pt 1

Shirley  Reeves, master trifle maker and our combination Princess Di and Reese Witherspoon "Pretty in Pink", met Mary and I at Kensington Palace with complimentary tickets. Our Ronnie Reeves, Janice's cousin, works for Tower Properties and he procured our tickets for us, and sent Shirlety to be our friend and guide. we had Soooooo Much fun!

None of us had toured Kensington Palace before and it was a real treat for sure. One area is dedicated to Queen Victoria and her childhood in the palace, and her life thereafter with her beloved Albert. Sad photos and exhibits highlighted her long after his death. Completely different rooms feature her father George the II and the life of those times. He had a collection of Dutch and Italian masterpieces.

Our favorite bit was a newly opened exhibit of the fashion and times of The Queen, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana as each was a young and fashionable royal. Signature dresses each royal woman wore were displayed in a room dedicated to them. In each room there was a short film about them in their era and fashion. It was fabulous! We shopped and had coffee and tea in the Palace cafe. 

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