Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back to England, The Story

Yes, my Facebook wall and my blog have been full of exciting global adventures since 2011. It might be hard to tell that my passport was expired between 1987 and 2010. Just lying in a drawer.....dusty and unused. Life has it's cadence, and those years were very rich and full raising Mary, playing on the beach, visiting National Parks.

2011 my inspirational mother said, "Sue, you love to travel. You need to go and do something adventurous again". So I began taking advantage of new international opportunities that I can only say have been amazing and life altering. What fun this summer to have the opportunity to travel abroad with Mary. 

Mary and I have one more adventure this summer, and for me I consider it epic. When I was a very young teacher I changed lives and jobs with Helen Martin Peters of England, my first Fulbright opportunity of my career. I went to England and taught domestic science at Hartismere High School in Eye, Suffolk, England. Just like my Fulbright late career opportunity  last summer in India, it was a life changer in many ways. I made two American teacher friends there, Nicki and Bobbie who have been a part of my "life force" ever since. I have had great visits with them over the years in the USA. Another American friend Kathleen Lawrence and I have stayed in touch and I enjoy all of her political efforts in Washington State. Cindy Chitty, who arranged our visit with James Herriot is married to an Oly High choir alum friend of mine. Great lifetime connections!

When I was in England I lived with a teacher Janice Hoar Newnham. Janice and her husband Peter are family to me. Her mother Beryl, who I called The Jewel, used to tuck me into bed with a hot water bottle when Janice and I would visit her for weekends and holidays. Janice, Peter and The Jewel visited me several times here in the USA. Later, Janice and Peter came regularly for Pacific Northwest Adventures including great family times at Cannon Beach. When, they said are you coming to England?

It has taken thirty years for this return to England. Mary and I are on our way to stay with Janice and Peter after a two day visit to Iceland. Janice and Peter will meet us at Gatwick Airport and the fun and reunion will begin. We will see Helen and hopefully her now grown daughter Rachel who is a year younger than Mary. It is going to be a month of reunions with friends and their families. I will add, that all of my British friends are retired now.....not me:)

I have very few photos from my year in England.....old technology and years of moving. I have a few to share here. Yes, Bobbie, Nicki and I did meet and talk with Princess Diana. Losing her was a heartbreak. Janice made sure I saw all of the British Royal family at a variety of events. Mary is hoping to run into Will, Kate and Baby George at the Queen's East Anglian Estate of Sandringham. Yes, that is the author (All Creatures Great and Small) author James Herriot in his veterinary practice in Thirsk, Yorkshire. He is gone now, but the twinkle in his eyes and the hug he gave me remain.

Thanks for following Mary and I.......

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  1. Have a great time! I didn't realize your blog had been so active in June! I'll have to try to catch up...